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OctaneXpress® is a series of ready-to-launch off-the-shelf training solutions that is effective, immersive, and engaging. The series is easily modified to fit your training needs or altered to fit your training culture. 


Our library of content allows our customers to:

  • Access well-researched and -designed courses and workshops

  • Deploy learning activities very rapidly

  • Achieve significant cost savings

  • Reduce the risks associated with custom development

Benefits of our library:

  • Ready to deploy

  • Designed to be engaging

  • Incorporates current and relevant scenarios

  • Flexible and scalable to fit learners’ needs

  • Designed by expert learning strategists and instructional designers


In an industry that is highly regulated, pharmaceutical companies are challenged to comply with rules and regulations that are ever-changing.

Noncompliance can affect cost, reputation, and the lives of those they serve. Highly effective training can increase compliance and ultimately lead to an increase in effectiveness and improved performance.

Our Compliance library rests on strong instructional design and adult learning principles to set the learner up for success in their role – not just check the training box.

Market Access

The healthcare system is becoming more complex. Selling into this ever-changing environment is challenging and requires deep understanding of the system, structures, players, programs, and incentives. 


Our Market Access library provides both the foundation and the insights to successfully sell into this environment.  

Selling Skills

The essence of keeping business moving – whether creating frameworks for new hires or accelerating the performance of tenured professionals – is always keeping the focus on the front line.

Our Selling Skills library is designed to raise confidence, increase expertise, and accelerate results – covering the most critical success factors at basic, proficient, and expert levels. 


Coaching is a skill of many levels and complexities. Research shows that effective coaching drives performance, engagement, and retention. Teams receiving high-quality coaching are far more likely to over-perform and report higher job satisfaction than are teams receiving low-quality coaching.

Our Coaching library will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize your team’s performance.


  • Create intrinsic motivation

  • Impact performance

  • Raise mastery

  • Increase self-esteem


  • Lead to increased effort

  • Increase persistence

  • Effect cognitive process

  • Enhance performance


  • Facilitate connections

  • Keep the end in mind

  • Encourage applications

  • Bring autonomy

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