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We Ignite

Our understanding of cognitive sciences and the supporting social, emotional, and behavioral elements helps us create best-in-class content.

Our deep experience in the healthcare sector allows us to synthesize adult learning and human performance theories to create content in a way that is relevant, efficient, and impactful.

We Understand Adult Learners

Adult learners have cognitive biases that often impact their learning. We understand these biases and are experts at designing content to overcome these challenges.

We Are Realists

​We are optimists, yet realistic in our approach. In the life sciences industry where information is complex, it is important to use real-life scenarios and present simple, realistic, and practical situations. We understand that when training makes sense, learners engage and respond positively.

We Know Learning Theory

We use adult learning theories and human performance measurement techniques when designing our curriculum. But we don't stop there. We integrate our knowledge of the healthcare industry, cognitive learning strategies, competency models, spatial retrieval techniques, and change management for maximum impact.

We Transform Results

We create thoughtful designs that ensure learners engage, retain, recall, and can apply the information. Our goal is to transform individual's use of knowledge, ultimately paving the way to achieve your business goals and better outcomes.

Experience Matters

Our team has years of life sciences industry experience. We are insightful, organized, resourceful, and resilient.

We Deliver

We are skillful at driving projects from inception to completion. We can work independently or seamlessly with your team to overcome any challenges. Years of experience gives us insight and foresight that will ease your journey to great results.

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