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We Inspire

Strategy is not about repeating ineffective tactics. It is defining a vision, then challenging why and how, before determining what.

It’s all about examining the facts and making inspired, informed plans. We are a true partner in examining and designing your learning strategy successfully.

We Plan

Planning is something we all do every day. Having a roadmap that clearly documents objectives, priorities, content, and modalities can save a great deal of rethinking and redoing while keeping a curriculum on track.

We Influence

Influencing thinking or behavior change takes strategy beyond simple planning. The key is to understand where people are on the learning continuum and connect the learning to the broader brand strategy.

We Are Intentional

We are not afraid to challenge the norms. Use of various learning modalities, development techniques (e.g. 6Ds), and progressive assessment solutions can have a large impact on cognitive development and knowledge retention. Our proprietary curriculum audit and design process highlights intentional and unintentional impact and defines how each choice might influence outcomes.

We Understand Perspectives

We give you insight to your current perspectives and suggest tactics to readjust the view. We show you how patterns of behavior can intentionally or unintentionally influence outcomes. 

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